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This book contributes greatly to the literature outlining the road map that should be followed in order to establish a successful franchise system. It is by no means comprehensive, and you will find many volumes addressing the same or similar issues. But this book serves as a great introduction to the topics any new franchisor should consider and address when creating a franchise model. Follow its recommendations, and you cannot go wrong.~

Kevin P. Hein, Chief Development and Strategy Officer of Alexius, LLC.

Very well written and a comprehensive approach to becoming a Franchisor. A must read for anyone planning on franchising their business!~ Sanjay Gehani, Chief Marketing Officer, Building Kidz Franchise
The book explains franchise models, typical fees, territory arrangements, renewal and transfer of the agreement, as well as the recruitment of promising franchisees and support of those already on board. While, as the author points out, each section could be the subject of its own book, this book provides a clear, helpful overview as well as sample documents and phone call scripts.~ Kathleen Flanagan Rollins, best-selling author

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As we were considering growing our small family business through franchising, we started investigating what it takes to become a franchisor. Michael’s name kept coming up in conversations with industry experts and attorneys. After doing some research we landed on this book. It was extremely informative, and eventually let us know that we were not quite ready to take this step. Assuming we do decide to franchise in the future, we will be reaching out to Michael for guidance and hope he is as available and eager to help as we have heard.
~An Amazon Verified Purchase
I am probably not the average reader of this book. I am an attorney that practices in a completely unrelated field, and wanted to educate myself on the process of franchise startup, both from a legal and practical view. I selected this book based on a recommendation of a friend who practices law in this space, who said it was the right balance of depth and breadth, so that in a fairly short read the reader would feel educated at a high level on every major milestone from idea to execution. ~An Amazon Verified Purchase
Great info- wish I’d read it before purchasing a franchise location of another chain, I may have done things differently! Good place to start when evaluating a move from a successful local business to a national brand through franchising, or from a concept straight to a franchise model.
~An Amazon Verified Purchase
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